We are committed to good Safety, Health and Environment practices:

A reputable “zero harm” safety framework that is implemented provides guidance to our operations on delivering our health and safety commitment throughout. Our “Safety rst” theme drives the desired behavior towards personal safety and it motivates us to reduce risks as far as reasonably practical. To fulll this, we do the following activities: Safety trainings, re drills, rst aid trainings, HIRA (Hazard identication and Risk Assessment), Safety talks and many more.


We aim at maintaining good health within our employees as it is imperative to keep our most valued assets healthy both physically and mentally. Numerous health programmes have been implemented to achieve our aim and these include: risk or occupation-based routine medicals (spirometry, audiometry, eye tests and x-rays); wellness programmes; health and disease presentations; pre-employment and post-employment medicals. Other medical services are being provided within our premises through the industry clinic. There are other activities that we do to promote health such as exercise sessions, biggest loser competitions and sport (soccer, netball) competitions.


Environmental focus is centered on improving our environmental systems as well as proactively searching for environmentally sensitive methods of carrying out all aspects of our business. The conservation of natural resources is one of the key drivers in our decision making process while also providing opportunities for business growth.

Environmental sustainability

An inventory of environmental impacts was undertaken to identify negative impacts that may hinder us from achievinng sustainability. Resource monitoring, waste minimisation and emission control programmes are being implemented for active reduction of negative impacts. Environmental sustainability trainings are used as a tool to raise awareness at United Reneries Limited.

Social sustainability

As United Reneries Limited, our business depends on our communities to provide a workforce and an investment in that community is an investment in the foundation and sustainability of our organisation. Through the aim “being a good global neighbouur”, we strive to reduce environmental pollution that may aect neighbouring businesses and the society.

Economic sustainability

Various strategies that promote the utilization of socio-economic resources to their best advantage are implemented at United Reneries Limited. Our operations aim at equitable distribution and ecient allocation of resources through responsible use of resources to provide long-term benets and establish protability.